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Systems Overview

Profex wall claddings transforms unfinished walls, pedestals or columns into a functional architectural feature. They can be fully accessed for service and maintenance and can also be combined with functional properties, such as effective impact protection or outstanding sound proofing.

Our design consists of metal panels with mineral fiber inlays to provide high quality products with effective sound insulation. You can transform your ideas into reality with a range of different finishes and colours- even with a classy real wood appearance finish.

Our wall claddings can be installed in different ways, either very close to or at a distance from the unfinished wall. This means that you can either save space or, alternatively, hideaway building services and cabling. Metal suspended ceilings are specified for their high specification finish and their ability to meet the performance and sustainability features of modern buildings. They come in various types based on the project requirements.

- Room Acoustics
- Fire Performance
- Functional Architectural Design Feature
- Impact Resistant
- Service Integration

Advantages at a glance
- Available in various size combinations
- Various surfaces and colours
- Easy Installation, alignment and fitting technique
- Flexibility- by saving space
- Easy Panel Demountability
- Variable Offset Distance (60-200mm)
- Short and cost efficient engineering phase.

BeamGrid Systems - Ceiling Solutions for Demountable Partitions

The Profex BeamGrid systems provides a high specification solution for office, educational and other commercial environments. Partition walls of various designs can easily be situated, relocated and removed under the Beam profiles. Rectangular or square panels in various designs and shapes offer a host of different options for visual and functional design of the ceiling along with high Acoustical and Fire performance.

 B110 - Concealed Beamgrid System


 B120 - Hookon Beamgrid System


 B130 - Threaded Beamgrid System


 B131 - Flush Beamgrid System


 B140 - Continous Beamgrid System


 B150 - Trapezodial Beamgrid System


 B160 - Inverted Beamgrid System


 B161 - Inverted with Indirect Light Beamgrid System

Linear Strip Ceilings

The SADA Strip ceiling systems are elegant in their modern simplicity, easy accessibility and service integration. The system consists of fully demountable linear modular panels clipped into a concealed or exposed suspension system. The system is especially applicable for cinemas, exhibition halls, sports hall, gasoline stations etc.

 SADA 3V, V Wind Resistant Linear Strip Systems


 Sada S Internal/External Linear Strip Systems


 Sada S Linear Strip System with open groove

Presto - Corridor Ceiling Solutions

Presto Corridor ceiling solutions are specially designed to solve problems associated with services concentrated in the corridor ceiling void. The system incorporates series of panel supported by profiles fixed to the wall, without any intermediate suspension system. Ideally suited for Hospitals, Airports and other commercial and retail environments to provide efficient access and serviceability along with service integration.

 Presto H - Hingedown Corridor System


 Presto C - Clipin Corridor System


 Presto L - Layin Corridor System


 Presto HS - Hinge & Slide Corridor System


 Presto DS - Drop & Slide Corridor System

Panel Ceiling

The panel Systems are one of the most widely used metal ceiling systems in the market. The product has a wide range of square and rectangular panels fixed on a fully accessible concealed or exposed metal suspended ceiling system with necessary support framework for interior and exterior use. They are economical and cost effective system having total downward demountability making them the ideal choice for offices, classrooms.

 Nortile Clipin - Concealed System


 Nortile Hingedown Ferro F90 - Clipin Hingedown 110 minutes Fire Rated System


 Nortile Layin - Exposed T Grid System


 Nortile Hookon - Concealed Layin Hookon System


 Torsion Spring Systems

Systems Overview

Sky Factory Luminious SkyCeilings, virtual skylights, faithfully reproduce the subtle visual stimuli of real sky. As unique biophilic design elements, SkyCeilings enliven the innate human connection of nature and promote the healing relaxation responses of comfort, inner stability, and vitality. They dramatically transform interiors into more expansive, natural feeling spaces. Sky Factory is the world leader and pioneer in the creation of illusions of nature for healthcare environments. You can trust us to deliver superior quality SkyCeilings that uplift the patient and staff experience.