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  Sky Factory Luminious Sky Ceilings

Sky Factory Luminous SkyCeilings are virtual skylights - photographic illusions of real sky views that trigger beneficial "relaxation responses" for mind and body. They are modular and can be designed to any rectangular shape, or arrangement of shapes, defined by the suspended ceiling grid. Luminous SkyCeilings are scalable - from a single 600x600mm square to as large as you want - easy to install, and work with existing grid systems.

How Rectilinear Luminous SkyCeilings Work

A. Lighting Systems

Standard T5 fluorescent, or optional Sky Factory RFfreeLux™ LED lighting systems provide daylight quality light, and require 9 inches of vertical clearance.

B. Image Tiles

Sky Factory Luminous SkyTiles™ are translucent, high-resolution, photographic reproductions on acrylic panels that convey the color, scale and perspective of actual sky.

C. Elevators

Patented Sky Factory SkyTile Elevators™ hold SkyTiles above the grid, creating a robust structural appearance, like a real skylight.

Sky Factory Sky Ceilings