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Green Building Designs

Introduction to green building design

Throughout the past decade, the environmentally focused green movement has evolved into one of the most influential guidelines in designing buildings-and its growth is not expected to slow down any time soon. Green design has completely changed the way the building industry and its customers look at construction and renovation.

Recent studies indicate that, buildings contribute to over 48% of CO2 emissions, this study has made the construction industry to research and design greener buildings. In our contribution to support the global cause, we analyzed ways to help create a
Greener, Cleaner environment.

Introduction to LEED

A big part of this ongoing concern for environmental sustainability has been the development of green-design certification programs. Chief among these is the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). The program provides guidance for building design that is environmentally prudent and energy-efficient, with the ultimate goal of producing more sustainable structures that offer healthier living and working environments.

Metal Ceilings, The preferred choice for Green Building Designs

One of the many building components where green design can be emphasized is the ceiling system. By taking adequate time to research and select the greenest ceiling panels for a project, a designer can accumulate LEED certification points while providing a ceiling system with long-lasting performance and visual appeal.  

A sustainable ceiling panel that is ideal for sustainable design projects has a variety of attributes. These include: recycled and recyclable content, durability and longevity, low volatile organic compound (VOC) content, acoustic control, moisture and mold resistance, and light reflectisvity. RAM Metal Industries LLC manufactures ceilings complying with these attributes. These attributes make PROFEX Metal Ceilings the first choice for sustainable projects.

Metal Ceilings and LEED Certification Points

At RAM Metal Industries LLC, we make a difference in the environment by ensuring our products and processes are contributing to LEED-NC building requirements. With a lifespan of over 100 years and a recyclable content up to 100%, metal ceilings are an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly building material. Below we will analyze How specifying PROFEX Metal Ceilings, building designers can accumulate LEED points and build a energy efficient and sustainable structure.

Durability and longevity

When specifying ceiling panels for a project that requires sustainable design, always aim for products with longer life span such as Metal Ceilings. Metal Ceilings are lighter than traditional mineral-fiber ceiling panels and are also moisture resistant. Because of their heavier weight, most mineral fiber ceiling panels fall prey to gravity over time and sag. The panels also absorb moisture, leading to potential discoloration or mold growth that generally induces many property owners to replace their ceilings every seven to eight years.

Metal ceiling panels, however, have a significantly longer life. RAM Metal Industries provide a 25 years warranty on PROFEX Metal Ceilings, they also offer incredibly favorable maintenance costs, a factor that is increasingly important given the longer leases and responsibility for on-going maintenance, that are often part of commercial projects.  With such resilience and no sagging or discoloration, PROFEX Metal ceiling panels maintain an attractive appearance for a longer period of time. This alone contributes to the product's sustainability.

Recycled and Recyclable content

For a ceiling panel to be sustainable, it must have generous recycled content and also be recyclable at the end of its period of use. This is the most important attribute to the environmentally conscious, as it represents the reuse of ceiling materials, rather than disposal in a landfill. 

Another key consideration in selecting a ceiling panel is whether the panel can be recycled and reused after its lifecycle ends. Most major ceiling product manufacturers offer recycling programs, such as picking up disposed ceiling panels where the company's products are being installed. RAM Metal Industries LLC, offers this service at its manufacturing plant in Dubai, UAE, also as a additional bonus a 5% discount is provided for the replacement tiles. It’s a win win situation for everybody, the customer needs to get rid of their old ceiling panels, we help them to clear the old ceilings and get a discount for the new order. This also benefits the environment because any large commercial project can represent several thousand square meters of disposed ceiling panels that, if not recycled, would be taking up space in a landfill.
Acoustic control

Acoustic control is quickly gaining attention in the sustainable-design community and was incorporated recently into the LEED point system.

Acoustic control is vital, as it minimizes excess noise that would otherwise irritate building occupants and potentially lower productivity or cause stress and other health problems.

Acoustic control is already referenced in the LEED for Schools and LEED for Healthcare point systems, and may begin to appear in environmental design guides for other buildings. For sustainable projects, choose ceiling and wall panels that absorb, rather than reflect, sound. RAM Metal Industries offers a range of PROFEX Metal Ceilings with acoustic properties.

Construction Waste Management

One of the major concern and challenge for LEED is to increase the efficiency of construction waste management. Increased efficiency will divert construction, demolition and land-clearing debris from disposal in landfills and incinerators and redirect recyclable recovered materials back to the manufacturing process. Most PROFEX METAL CEILING panels manufactured require little or no field cutting, which yields a minimal amount of scrap generated at the construction site. They are shipped in cardboard boxes. All items are recyclable and reduce the amount of waste in landfill.

These guidelines provide a knowledge base for selecting the best ceiling products for a sustainable design project. Sustainable ceiling products are the way to go in today's building and design, as an ever-increasing number of cusumers and building owners become educated by the green movement and learn the value of sustainability. Sustainable ceilings are sure to "hanging around" for quite some time.

Project Design Solutions

Project Designs

RAM Metal Industries offers special complimentary services to architects and consultants to help them with their project requirement, we start by becoming acquainted with your company and learn about the project. We gather sufficient amount of information to develop a concept/solution for your project within the forecasted budget.

Our design team specializes in project designs that are creative and functional. We focus in innovative improvements, which are cost-effective, practical, easily constructible and environmentally friendly.

After concept approval, Our design build team will begin to develop general layout drawings and section details for your final approval and implementation.

Product Designs

We also offer facility of design and manufacture of custom made unique designs as per the clients requirements. These designs can be tested with reputed agencies to comply with the required international standards. Our technical team will assist in designing these custom made products to integrate with the other services within the project.

The custom made products are fabricated using precise and quality computer aided equipments. RAM has developed a reliable team of fabricators and equipments that allow us to submit our designs and schedule needs.

Technical Documentation for Architects and Consultants

The following technical documentations are provided with each project design or in general, to enable the clients, architects and consultants to precisely specify and supply complete technical documentation to contractors.

This ensures efficient co-ordination between the architect and the contractor to specify and use the best quality material in the project.

1. Technical Data Sheet
2. Tender Specification
3. Project Bill of Quantities

Research & Development

Research & Development Team

The Research and Development Department is part of the RAM Metal organization that provides technical support and responsible of making research, plans, designs, and developing innovative and existing metal products. These designs are conceptualized using latest 3D software’s to provide a complete and efficient product solution.

The R&D department is supported by a team of technical production personnel to realize the new designs and constantly provide feedbacks to
improve the functionality of the existing designs. The conceptual designs are tested in house as per strict quality standards before releasing to the client.

Product Testing

Testing with internationally reputed external agencies are conducted periodically to certify new and existing products with the latest international standards of fabrication, quality and functionality.

International Presence

Committed to Serving Customers Worldwide

A key element of RAM’s growth is its strong commitment to the global marketplace. The company sells products and services to customers in nations over the globe, and its international opportunities and pursuits are growing.

RAM has established representatives to serve customers in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and India. RAM is constantly putting efforts to capture new overseas business.

Recent customers in Europe, Asia and the Middle East demonstrate RAM’s International’s successful strategy of pursuing a worldwide customer base.