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  SADA 3V, V Wind Resistant Linear Strip Systems

The SADA Strip ceiling systems are elegant in their modern simplicity, easy accessibility and service integration. The system consists of fully demountable linear modular panels clipped into a concealed or exposed suspension system. The system is especially applicable for cinemas, exhibition halls, sports hall, gasoline stations etc.
The SADA 3V/V systsems were specially designed and tested for dynamic usage both internally and externally, the internal strip system can provide and excellent sound control and the external strip system can resist wind loads of over 3400 pa (215 km/hr winds).
System Features
Range of Linear Metal Ceiling Panels.
Minimum 25-year product life expectancy
Available in prefabricated lengths according to customer’s requirements to avoid wastages.
Metal Ceiling strips can be pulled and slided out of the ceiling system to gain access to the ceiling void.
Standard Module Sizes (mm)
Panel Widths – 200, 300 and 400mm
Panel Lengths – upto 6000mm
Ceiling Linear Strip Panels with special sizes are available on request. Please contact us for further details.
Surface Finish
Any RAL Color or Stainless Steel Bursh/Mirror Finish. Special finishes like wooden and leather can be supplied upon order. Anti Bacterial Finish can be made available upon request for projects with Hygiene requirement.
Suspension System
Concealed metal ceiling suspension system.
Wind Resistance Performance
Wind resistance tested in accordance to ASTM E440 under dyanmic windloads upto 215 km/hr which is equivalent to pressure 3400 pa.
Perforation Pattern
Visit the perforation patterns section for the complete range of available perforations or contact us for a custom perforation requirement.
Sound Performance - Acoustical Metal Panels
Our acoustic product range was designed and tested in accordance to BS EN ISO 354:2003 and ASTM C423-09A to achieve a sound insulation having Noise Reduction Rating (NRC) between 0.75 to 0.90.
Fire Performance
Tested and classified as "Class 1 or A" according to ASTM E84 standards. Flame Spread Index Vale 5 and Smoke Development Index Value 20 and "Non-Combustible" material tested in accordance to BS 476: Part 4: 1970.
Light Reflection
Light reflection coefficient (LR) 0.85 tested in accordance to ASTM E 1477.
Service Integration
Various services like lights, diffusers, fire safety equipments etc can be integrated with the Profex Metal Ceiling systems. Custom opening on the Metal tiles can be provided for easy integration of these services.
Custom Project Design
R.A.M. Metal offers its customer’s free expert project design service for standard and custom made metal ceiling systems, feel free to contact us with any queries you may have; our product experts will be glad to guide and assist you further.
Recycled Content
All our aluminium products can be manufactured with over 75% recycled content.


SADA Linear Strip Ceiling Panel System